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SHDP Outreach

SHDP achieves outreach through journalism, films, radio, tv, social media, exhibitions and book publishing.


A selection of SHDP articles from the national and specialist press related to public understanding of science and conferences themes we have covered:

Dangerous Thinking: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Tablet 3 January 2018


Philosophy of Science: Review Penultimate Curiosity by Andrew Briggs and Roger Wagner

Financial Times 29 January 2016


Global Warming and Morality: What the Pope’s climate change announcement tells us about the church

Prospect Magazine 19 June 2015.


Secularism, Religion and Violence: Review Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong

Financial Times 26 September 2014


The Reel of Consciousness

Brain 11 September 2013


Ethics and Neuroscience

Brain 19 April 2012


Drugs that Don’t Work: Meta-analyses on Prozac

Prospect Magazine 23 Sept 2009


Interview Steve Jones: On Nature and Nurture

Prospect Magazine 1 March 2009


How Science Discovered the Mystery of Ourselves

Literary Review March 2009


A Dig at Ditchkins: On Terry Eagleton and Dawkins

Literary Review May 2009


Plastic Fantastic: The Brain that Changes Itself

Literary Review Sept 2008

Alcoholism and Detoxing

Sunday Times 5 Oct 2008

Descent and Dissent: On Intelligent Design

Literary Review October 2008

Bounded in a Nutshell: Review Kingdom of Infinite Space by Raymond Tallis

Literary Review June 2008


Symbolic Language: On Steven Pinker

Prospect Magazine 27 October 2007

Science and the Media

Brain 15 December 2007

The Importance of Doubt

Guardian August 30 2007

A Question of Respect: Review God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Sunday Times 1 October 2006


Who Do We Think We Are: On Genetics and Race

Sunday Times 8 Oct 2006


Brain and Bad Behaviour

Brain 27 November 2006


A Christmas Thunderbolt for the Scientific Arch Enemy of Religion: On Dawkins and Atheism

Sunday Times 24 December 2006


Slaves to American Medicine: On the Tuskagee experiment

Sunday Times 10 September 2006


Don’t Be Deluded: On a Cancer Breakthrough

Sunday Times 3 September 2006


A Head for Trouble: Are we hard-wired to be bad?

Sunday Times 9 July 2006


Journey through the Topic of Cancer

Sunday Times June 25 2006


Taking on String Theory: Physicists’ establishment

Sunday Times 11 June 2006


Hormones and theories of Romantic Love

Sunday Times 12 February 2006


Face of things to Come: Face transplants

Sunday Times 11 December 2005


What Tickles our Fancy: New research on bonding

Sunday Times 6 November 2005


Between Heaven and Earth: Review of The Planets by Dava Sobel

Sunday Times 28 August 2005


How the War Can Be Won: Latest cancer treatment research

Sunday Times 19 June 2005


Stardust Memories: On Fred Hoyle

Sunday Times 22 May 2005


Drugs and Determinism: Review of The 21st Century Brain by Steven Rose

Sunday Times 27 February 2005


The Hand: Review Raymond Tallis trilogy on the Mind-Brain

Brain 21 January 2005

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