SHDP achieves outreach through journalism, films, radio, tv, social media, and book publishing.  For the the AI and the Future of Humanity project, a short film will be made highlighting key ideas discussed at each conference.  A selection of John Cornwell’s articles in the ambit of public understanding of science through the past decade:

Dangerous Thinking: The Future of Artificial Intelligence The Tablet 3 January 2018

Philosophy of Science: Review Penultimate Curiosity by Andrew Briggs and Roger Wagner Financial Times 29 January 2016

Global Warming and Morality   Prospect Magazine 19 June 2015

Secularism, Religion and Violence: Review Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong   Financial Times 26 September 2014

The Reel of Consciousness   Brain   11 September 2013

Ethics and Neuroscience:   Brain   19 April 2012

Between Reason and the Wet Stuff   Literary Review   February 2011

Alasdair MacIntyre Interview: On Moral Philosophy and Banking   Prospect Magazine 20 October 2010

Decoding Darwin   Literary Review October 2009

Drugs that Don’t Work:   Meta-analyses on Prozac  Prospect Magazine   23 Sept 2009

Interview Steve Jones: On Nature and Nurture   Prospect Magazine  1 March 2009

How Science Discovered the Mystery of Ourselves   Literary Review  March 2009

A Dig at Ditchkins:   On Terry Eagleton and Dawkins  Literary Review  May 2009

Plastic Fantastic: The Brain that Changes Itself   Literary Review  Sept 2008

Alcoholism and Detoxing  Sunday Times   5 Oct 2008

Descent and Dissent: On Intelligent Design   Literary Review   October 2008

Bounded in a Nutshell:   Review Kingdom of Infinite Space by Raymond Tallis   Literary Review  June 2008

Symbolic Language: On Steven Pinker  Prospect Magazine   27 October 2007

Science and the Media  Brain   15 December 2007

The Importance of Doubt   Guardian  August 30 2007

A Question of Respect: Review God Delusion by Richard Dawkins Sunday Times  1 October 2006

Who Do We Think We Are: On Genetics and Race   Sunday Times  8 Oct 2006

Brain and Bad Behaviour   Brain   27 November 2006

A Christmas Thunderbolt for the  Scientific Arch Enemy of Religion: On Dawkins and Atheism   Sunday Times   24 December 2006

Don’t Be Deluded: On a Cancer Breakthrough   Sunday Times   3 September 2006

Slaves to American Medicine: On the Tuskagee experiment   Sunday Times  10 September 2006

A Head for Trouble: Are we hard-wired to be bad?   Sunday Times  9 July 2006

Journey through the Topic of Cancer   Sunday Times   June 25  2006

Taking on String Theory: Physicists’ establishment  Sunday Times   11 June 2006

Hormones and theories of Romantic Love  Sunday Times  12 Februaru 2006

Face of things to Come: Face transplants   Sunday Times   11 December 2005

What Tickles our Fancy: New research on bonding   Sunday Times   6 November 2005

Between Heaven and Earth: Review of The Planets by Dava Sobel  Sunday Times 28 August 2005

How the War Can Be Won: Latest cancer treatment research    Sunday Times  19 June 2005

Stardust Memories: On Fred Hoyle   Sunday Times   22 May 2005

Drugs and Determinism: Review of The 21st Century Brain by Steven Rose  Sunday Times 27 February 2005

The Hand: Review Raymond Tallis trilogy on the Mind-Brain  Brain   21 January 2005

Please also see the archive of previous SHDP conferences.