AI in Sci Fi SHDP Conference Jesus College Cambridge
“You must decide how you will worship me.” Ron Chrisley on Herbert’s Destination:Void at the SHDP conference on AI in Sci-Fi at Jesus College Cambridge


AI and the Future of Humanity Conference Series: Will advances in machine intelligence serve to enhance or diminish our moral and spiritual selves? Will these advances serve to create better or worse societies?
16-17 May 2019 –┬áJesus College, Cambridge

In this conference we ask what impact future AI is likely to have on notions of the soul, religious faith, religious practice, and the virtues. Does AI pose a threat, or encouragement, to religious belief and practice? In turn, we ask how religion might guide and inform attitudes towards, and relationships with, future intelligent machines. Finally, can religious perspectives influence and shape the course of AI research and development?




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