AI in Sci Fi SHDP Conference Jesus College Cambridge
“You must decide how you will worship me.” Ron Chrisley on Herbert’s Destination:Void at the SHDP conference on AI in Sci-Fi at Jesus College Cambridge

Caravane Foundation at Venice Biennale – Majlis Exhibition
23 May-29 November 2020 – San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

SHDP has partnered with the Caravane Foundation to produce four one-day symposia on the theme of this year’s Venice Biennale – 17th International Architecture Exhibition: How will we live together?. The Caravane Foundation is an international movement for social, cultural, and ecological transformation, whose mission is to practice and promote ethical values and wellbeing through craftsmanship, art, innovation in sustainability, agriculture and education. Caravane is exhibiting the first of the buildings it has commissioned to form a new desert village and art residency. The building, the Majlis, is made from bamboo, a sustainable building material, and designed by Simon Velez. The symposia will explore a range of topics including use of sustainable materials in building, living together in harsh climates, and traditional architecture as a solution for living together.

Cultural Tourism Salon  –  Berlin
12 September 2019 – Tempelhof Airport, Berlin

SHDP is co-organising a one-day conference and workshop with Visit Berlin and LCD, bringing together leaders from major European cultural institutions (curators, museum directors, artists, architects, town planners) and tourism organisations (city councils, hotels, travel groups, airlines, hospitality) to discuss trends and key questions around place making, cultural destinations, including planning, architecture, technology, and climate change. Can one and should one aim to design, curate and create a cultural destination, or is this something that evolves naturally over time through the interplay of a number of factors?

How Technology is Changing Journalism – Media in the Post Truth Age 
13-14 September 2019 – Frontline Club, London

In this conference journalists, editors, technologists and researchers from a range of disciplines will discuss a number of vital questions, including how technology is changing the media the landscape, the role of the data journalist, new business models; the manipulation of the media and the public using technology, the use of technology in political campaigning, the role of technology platforms, censorship, and regulation – even legislation – to counter fake news.

SHDP is working with Russian Readings, an academic project based at Oxford and Leeds Universities, to produce this event.  For more information please contact us

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